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Siliguri - Gateway of North East India OR Gateway to the Dooars OR City of Hospitality

The second biggest city of West Bengal, Siliguri, is advantageously located and connects three international geographical entities, namely, Bangladesh, China, and Nepal. Siliguri is also blessed with incredible natural beauty and is charmingly located on the banks of the Mahananda River and set in the foot hills of the Eastern Himalayas, in the Darejeeling District. In fact, Siliguri is a natural wonder of sorts and it inspires people to tour it from far off places to spend their holidays in the region’s serene and tranquil surroundings.

Siliguri is also a key transportation, trading, not to mention educational hub for the entire West Bengal. Actually, it is a nucleus of sorts for all types of activities involving the trade and commerce of the area. It is also a key centre of shopping malls and is regarded as a nice shopping destination for a variety of foreign goods.

Aptly called the Second Kolkata of West Bengal for its unmatched overall importance in the state, Siliguri -- post partition of the Indian subcontinent into India and Pakistan in 1947, besides the birth of the neighboring Bangladesh in 1971 -- became an over crowded refugee spot.

Thanks to its wonderful international and national position, Siliguri has a somewhat good mixture of various and diverse people, religions, cultures, besides languages. The major communities of the region are Marwaris, Punjabis, Biharis, Gorkhas, apart from Bengalis; even while Hindi, Marwari, and Bengali, besides Nepali are the most widely spoken regional languages.

Dooars Valley: A Nice Place to Visit

Set in the stunningly beautiful Himalayan foothills, nearly 75kms away from Siliguri, the Dooars Valley -- the gateway of Bhutan and the entire North East of India -- is one of the most visited tourist places in West Bengal. Dooars is also the gateway to the hill stations of Darjeeling - Sikkim region. The Dooars valley, also known as Duars, which stretches from River Teesta on the west to River Sankosh on the east, with a total area of 130 km by 40 km, constitutes a key part of the Jalpaiguri District.

Dooars is a natural beauty. This is the place of rolling hill slopes, wildlife-rich tropical forests, countess hill streams slicing through the verdant carpet of tea gardens and rolling plains, low hills rising up from the rivers, high Sal forests, tiny quiet ethnic villages, enormous meadows with a blue backdrop of the distant but stunningly beautiful Himalayan Mountain Ranges, not to mention never-ending sky.

Dooars is also much renowned for its rich and varied biodiversity and forests -- the most striking of which are Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary, Gorumara National Park, not to mention and Buxa Tiger Reserve.
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