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Nabadwip - "9 islands" OR The Holy Birth Place of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu OR "Gour Gangar Desh" (Oxford of Bengal)


Nabadwip, literally meaning "9 islands" in the Bengali language, is situated on the western side of the Bhagirathi River, close to 20 K.M. from Krishnagar, and 130 km from Kolkata. Related with the birth of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (the great religious leader & social reformer) and the arrival of the Vaishnab sect in Bengal, Nabadwip was the capital of Lakshman Sena - the renowned ruler of Sena dynasty.

Nabadwip has several temples and spiritual spots which much inspire the religiously inclined visitors. Dwadas Shib Mandir built in 1835 with the lovely floral designs is one such place. Among the other attractions of Nabadwip, festivals like Sri Nabadwip-Mandala Parikrama occupy a high place, and it significantly adds to the appeal of the place from the tourism viewpoint.


Mayapur is another holy spot and located on the banks of the Ganges River where it meets the Jalangi River, nearly 160 km north of Kolkata. The Head Quarters of ISKCON, Mayapur is regarded a sacred spot by numerous other traditions within Hinduism.

However, it enjoys a special place in the hearts of the followers of the Gaudiya Vaishnavism as the birthplace of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu -- the special incarnation of the Lord Krishna. No wonder, millions of spiritually and religiously inclined visitors tour Mayapur every year, in the process, making this destination one of the most visited tourist places in West Bengal.

Krishna Nagar

Famous as the land of Shree Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the regional religious reformer par excellence, Krishnanagar draws its name from Raja Krishnachandra who founded it. This one of the most visited tourist places of West Bengal is renowned for the spiritual and holy places of Nabadwip, Mayapur and Shantipur -- all of which are conveniently located close by.

Among the other attractions of Krishna Nagar, there is a Roman Catholic Church which is popular for its amazing architectural and sculptural magnificence. It has 27 beautiful oil paintings that portray the life of Jesus Christ. The Durga Temple located in the courtyard in the Royal Palace of Krishna Nagar is another key draw of the place.

Every year, the famed Jhulan Mela (festival of Lord Krishna) which is celebrated with much ceremony and grandeur around the Rajbari, is another draw of the place, and so is the College Bhavan (built in 1846) and the Protestant Church.

Krishna Nagar is only 118 km away from the capital city of Kolkata and linked to it by local train.
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