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Sasaram - Its famous for production of stone chip OR birth place of Sher Shah Suri

One of the famous tourist places of Bihar Sasaram or Sahsaram owes its wide fame to its historical significance. It is basically a small town located in the Rohtas District of Bihar and situated nearly 110 km away from Varanasi, 105 km away from Bodh Gaya and 148 km away from the capital city of Patna.

Based on the names of the celebrated King Kartavirya Sahasrarjuna and sage Parashurama (Sahasrarjuna-pura or Sahsaram), Sasaram is well-known for the Samrat Ashoka Pillar – located in the cave of Kaimur Hill. It is also famous for the Rohtaas Fort. Built and named by the well-known ruler Raja Harish Chandra, the control of the Rohtaas Fort was later seized by Sher Shah Suri – the famed Afghan ruler.

Sher Shah Suri made Sarsaram a key trade centre, besides a successful administrative unit under the Sharqi kingdom of Jaunpur. He also built several monuments at Sasaram which still point to the glorious history and background of the era gone by. Sasaram is also the birthplace of the Jhansi ki Rani of Bihar i.e., Haji Begum, who gave the British a tough time.


During a tour to Sasaram, travelers must cover all of these tourist places: Grand Trunk Road, Rohtas Fort, Tomb of Sher Shah Suri, Tomb of Hasan Sur Khan, Maa Tara Chandi Temple. Most of the travel agents dealing with the many tourist destinations of Bihar are known to prepare interesting travel itineraries that take the visitors to these and other attractions of Sasaram located nearby which are mentioned here below.


Located 42 km away from Sasaram, Aurangabad is a well-known destination and boasts of numerous attractions, including historical places and temples. It was a part of one of the great Magadh Empire. Aurangabad also played a key role in the freedom movement of the country. Obra located nearby is famed for the production of Kaleen (carpets). Burha, another nearby attraction located just 3 kms away, has numerous historical spots where once "Chaityas" and monolithic "Viharas" stood.


Situated 27 km away from Sasaram, Mohania is another nearby draw which is important from the tourism viewpoint. It is a city located in the Kaimur District, Bihar, and renowned for the ancient Satti Devi Mandir and the White Hanuman Mandir. The latter is the largest temple at the station road. Mohania also has a striking stadium close to the M.P. College which is another draw of the place and worth visiting.

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