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Bhagalpur - Silk City

Much famous as the 'Silk City', thanks to its high quality silk products, the city of Bhagalpur is the administrative headquarters of the district of Bhagalpur and is located 235 km away from Patna, the state capital of Bihar. The Bhagalpur silk industry is over 100 years old and traditional families of silk producers and silk weavers reside here.

Bhagalpur is situated on the banks of the Ganga River and has considerable historical significance. It finds mention in several ancient Sanskrit texts, such as Mahabharata, Ramayana and even Panchtantra where it is mentioned as Bhagaddat-Puram. It was also a key centre of trade and commerce in the Angad Empire. This very place was also the kingdom of the great warrior of the Mahabharata fame, Daanvir Karna, whose mother was Kunti and father, the Sun God.

There's a famous place called Mandar Hill which is located 52 km away from Bhagalpur. Hindu mythology suggests that Mandar Hill was used as a Churner during the Great Sagar Manthan.

Getting Around

Vikramshila Located 10 km north of Kahalgaon and 291 km from Patna, Vikramshila is the name of a historic place in the district of Bhagalpur which has the remains of a renowned ancient University called Vikramshila. Founded by King Dharmpala, of the Pal Dynasty, in late 8th century AD, the Vikramshila University enjoys almost the same world wide reputation as the Nalanda University.

Much like the latter, it too attracted pupils and scholars from the world over. Much like the Nalanda University, the Vikramshila University also was similarly plundered and destroyed by the invading armies from abroad which were attracted by the university’s world wide name and fame.

Much famous for studies in Guhyasamaja Tantra, the university also bore the imprint of teachings in Buddhism. Bricks-built Vikramshila University thrived and prospered during the 10th and 12th centuries A.D. Many great scholars, including Jetari, Santipa, Ratnavajra, Atisa and Naropa, were linked with the Vikramshila University.

The ruins of the historic university cover a very wide area and are literally dotted with carved pillars, votive stupas and mounds. From this historic place, carved pillars, Buddhist images and pictures of Hindu gods and goddesses have been excavated. It is said that earlier, the Vikramshila University had a temple that housed a life-size copy of the Mahabodhi Tree and as many as 108 temples were built around this temple.

The Rajmahal Hills and Pathar Ghat -- well-known for their Jurassic Age rocks and natural fossils -- are located nearby. This place is perfect for Eco-Tourism development.

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