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Murshidabad - Murshidabad Silk OR City of Nawabs

One of the leading tourist destinations in West Bengal, Murshidabad has a rich historical and cultural background. It is located 221 km away from the capital city of Kolkata. Murshidabad District is one of the 19 districts of West Bengal and has a city with the same name.

Murshidabad City is a spectator to those developments, which went on to significantly alter the course of the Indian history. The place was the capital of the undivided Bengal under the Mughals. The City of Nawabs, Murshidabad, is situated close to Plassey, a historic battlefield.

Named after Nawab Murshid Quli Khan, the city is home to some of the best works which shows the medieval period of Indian history in all its glory. No wonder, Murshidabad enjoys special significance from the tourism viewpoint and inspires all – more so those who get moved by archaic structures, varied culture and royal grandeur.

The East India Company established a military barrack at Murshidabad 1767, which became the starting point of the First War of Indian Independence in 1857. The former residential quarters of the British Army have now been converted into hospitals and government offices and courts.

The famed Circuit House of Murshidabad was once used by Robert Clive and Warren Hastings. Murshidabad is also much renowned for its raw silk and quality silk products. Ivory products and handicrafts of the place also enjoy much import and are much sought after by the visitors to the place.

Murshidabad Tourist Attractions

The Hazarduari Palace: Covering an area of 41 acres, the Hazarduari Palace -- also called the Palace with Thousand Doors -- is a key tourist hotspot of the region. Built in 1837, the palace has distinctive European style of architecture. Now the palace has been converted into a museum, which houses a good collection of armoury, portraits of the Nawabs, paintings, Ivory works from China, not to mention numerous other treasures. Inside the museum, one can also find beautiful vintage cars, which were earlier used by the Nawabs.

Nasipur Palace: Built by King Kirtichand Bahadur, towards the end of the 19th century, the Nasipur Palace has two lovely temples inside its premises -- the Ramachandra Temple and the Lakshmi-Narayana Temple.

Moti Jheel: Situated 3 km from Hazarduari, the idyllic Motijheel Lake stands before a lovely three-storeyed palace, called 'Company Bagh', built by Nawab Naoajes Mohammad Khan. Rumor has it that the treasures of the Nawab are still hidden somewhere beneath the lake’s surface.

Kath-gola: Yet another well-known must see of Murshidabad, Kath-gola is a nice tourist place. Enclosed by striking gardens, the palace boasts of some of the most amazing and hard to find collections of the luxurious western goods of that age. In 1873, the renowned Adinath Temple – a key tourist attraction -- was built by Harreck Chand here.
Katra Mosque, Wasef Manzil and Nizamat Imambara are some of the other famed attractions of Murshidabad.

Where to Stay

Several attractive options suiting all budgets are available in Murshidabad, Berhampore, besides Lalbagh.

Getting There

Murshidabad is easily accessible and well-connected by rail and road.
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