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Honeymoon in Jaisalmer

Honeymoon in Jaisalmer Spend a peaceful honeymoon in Jaisalmer, surrounded by a vast gold desert expanse and an air impregnate with stories of devotion, historic sacrifices, love, duty, passion and affection.

Hold hands and trace desert trails or perch yourself on camel back as you tour the enthralling Jaisalmer tourist attractions that add to the regal splendor of your honeymoon tours in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India.

Ride to the sand dunes located on the outskirts of luxurious Jaisalmer and camp with the locals, bond with each other in a special way as you collect twigs and build a bonfire, strains of love ballads sung by folk musicians with the massive Thar desert in the backdrop inspire the romantic in you to express the unexpressed.

Tour the overwhelming Jaisalmer Fort, Gadsisar Lake, Tazia Tower and the Jain Temples while on your honeymoon in Jaisalmer that is a cultural explosion of color and art in the middle of a sere sand land.

Steeped in hues of pastel gold, Jaisalmer weaves an enchanting spell on you to open up with gay abandon and shower all your affection on your beloved with the historic land as witness to your everlasting devotion.

Feel like royalty as you spend your honeymoon in royal Jaisalmer, the bastion of Bhatti Rajputs. Jaisalmer is the land of proud queens who preferred to commit sati or jauhar than to accept their husband's defeat in war and to escape suffering indignities at the hands of other men. So come and spend a royal honeymoon in Jaisalmer with Rajasthan Holiday.
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